Trial Lessons

Trial lesson

As a member, you can get a trial lesson from an instructor or a physiotherapist.

If you feel healthy and simply want to improve your fitness or prevent musculoskeletal injuries, you are free to decide who you want to conduct your trial lesson. However, if you suffer from pain, need to rehabilitate after an injury or need a special work-out programme, the physiotherapist should conduct your trial lesson.

All of our instructors have attended lessons in training principles and in the use of the exercise centre’s machines and are able to provide excellent and qualified instruction.

Sports specific body training
Many sports require different kind of physiques and they generally employ different muscle groups.
For instance a long distance - marathon runner would go for a lean body in contrast to a sprinter’s highly muscular body.
With this program we aim to help fellow athletes and/or sport enthusiasts with key exercises.
It is a program for swimmers, climbers, fighters, football players… any athlete with a specific discipline.
To get a reservation please contact to Aslan -  see below


Booking a trial lesson:


Aslan Husnu
, Notes: : Lessons will be held in English / Lessons will be for only one person at a time (in case you have a training partner they may join.)

Amin Salami Dehkharghani ph. 6065 6583 (Diet coach and instructor)

Diana Madsen   tlf. 53 65 14 35

Physiotherapist (also available for trial lessons):

Christian Weinhold

Registration must take place at least one week prior to the trial lesson.

Spinning exercise classes  autumn 2016 ff
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Instructor Camilla Nielsen