Membership Regulations

Membership Regulations




1. General Information


The Exercise Centre is housed by Aarhus University, Katrinebjergvej 89 B. The Centre was founded on November 26, 1998 for the use of university employees.




2. Purpose


The purpose of the Centre is to increase physical activity, to promote interest in exercise and to strengthen social relations among employees.




3. Membership


Members of staff at Aarhus University or persons who have Aarhus University as a permanent place of work may apply for membership.  Members must have a period of employment of at least six months.




(2) Spouses/cohabiting partners of employees may be admitted as members, provided that the employee is a member, and provided that the employee and his/her partner are registered on the same home address.


(3) Members of Nestor, the senior club of Aarhus University, may also become members.




(4) Hourly paid staff cannot be admitted as members (associate professors, student assistants, student teaching assistants etc.).




(5) Children of members (cf subsections 1-3) may not become members. This applies regardless of age.




4. Fees, Memberships and Withdrawals


To become a member, a registration form with information of name, place of employment, private address and telephone number must be submitted to the committee.


(2) The membership is automatically terminated when the contract of employment has expired. It follows that the membership of a spouses/cohabiting partner also will be terminated by the end of the employment contract.

(3) Members who are not in paid employment with Aarhus University are required to make a prepayment of the membership fee for a specified period of time as determined by the Committee. Spouses/partners must upon entry indicate the AU ID of the employee. The spouses of members (cf section 3(1-3)) must make use of the employee’s mobile phone number.


(4) Withdrawal must be made in writing to the Committee. The withdrawal form of the Exercise Centre must be used, and it must be received by the Committee no later than the 10th of a month in order to terminate the membership by the end of the same month.


(5) The membership fee is determined by the General Assembly (cf. section 8).




5. Exclusions
Actions or behavior that may harm or damage the Exercise Center will lead to exclusion from the Centre by a Committee majority vote. The exclusion may be investigated by the General Assembly if requested in writing by the member in question.

6. The Committee
The Exercise Centre is managed by a Committee consisting of 7 persons elected for 2 years by the General Assembly.

(2) The Committee consists of 1 chairman, 1 deputy chairman, 1 treasurer, 1 secretary and 3 common members. In addition, 2 alternates are elected.

(2b) At the first general meeting, 4 committee members and 1 alternate are elected for 2 years; 3 committee members and 1 alternate are elected for 1 year.

(3) The Committee appoints its executive members at the first assembly. The chairman, the secretary and the treasurer should, if possible, be constituted among employees at Aarhus University in order to facilitate their access to administrative systems.

(4) The Committee is responsible for the daily business of the Centre. House rules are decided upon by the Committee in cooperation with the technical department and instructors.

7. Committee Meetings
Notices of committee meetings are given by the chairman or upon the request of minimum 3 committee members.  The Committee is legally competent to transact business when a minimum of half of the board members are present at a committee meeting.

(2) In case of a tie in vote the chairman has the decisive vote.

(3) The secretary is responsible for the minutes of committee meetings and general meetings. All minutes are distributed to all committee members and instructors, and are made available to all members of the Centre.

(4) The treasurer is responsible for the accounts. The treasurer shall inform about the finances on the committee meetings. The treasurer shall present the revised accounts at the annual general meeting.

(5) The auditors shall supervise the accounts before the general meeting and at the earliest 1 month before the general meeting. The auditors shall supervise the said assets and ensure the existence of receipts for all paid expenditures.

(6) The accounting year runs from 1 January- 31 December.

8. The General Assembly
The General Assembly has the supreme authority of the Centre and only the General Assembly can amend resolutions or withdraw resolutions passed. All resolutions passed by the General Assembly are binding for all members.

(2) The ordinary general meeting is summoned every year in the January quarter with a minimum of 14 days notice on the web-page of the Exercise Centre and on the premises of the Centre.

(3) Proposals to the General Assembly must be submitted to the chairman no later than 8 days before the general meeting.


(4) The General Assembly is legally competent regardless of the number of attending members. All resolutions are passed by majority vote among the members present. A vote by ballot is held if one or more members of the General Assembly make a request for a vote in writing.

(5a) The agenda for the ordinary general meeting must contain the following items:


1.       Election of a chairman of the meeting and 2 counters


2.      The chairman's account


3.      Presentation of the revised accounts


4.      Proposals


5.      Membership fee


6.      Election to the Committee


7.       Election of 2 auditors and 1 substitute auditor


8.      Any other business


(5b) 3 committee members and 1 substitute member are elected in even years. 4 committee members and 1 substitute member are elected in odd years.

(5c) The Committee shall preferably consist of members from both the academic and the technical staff as well as instructors and users of the facilities.

(5d) All members can be elected to the Committee, either in person or by an undertaking in writing

(5e) In case of a tie in vote, a new election can be called and new candidates may be presented. If there is still a tied vote a candidate can be elected by drawing lots.

(6) An extraordinary general meeting may be summoned by a majority of the Committee; if decided at the general meeting; or if 1/3 of the members of the Centre request so in writing.

(7) An extraordinary general meeting is summoned with a notice of at least 14 days.

(8) If the Committee is elected at an extraordinary general meeting, the rules for election in the first general meeting apply (section 6 (2b)).

9. Dissolution of the Exercise Centre
To dissolve the Exercise Centre, 2 extraordinary general meetings must take place with a minimum of 14 days apart and only if at least 2/3 of the members present are in favour. If the Exercise Centre is dissolved, all assets are transferred to the Aarhus University.

10. Responsibility
The Committee is at all times responsible for the Exercise Centre’s assets and liabilities. The Committee is not legally responsible for any debts the Centre may accumulate.

(2) The Exercise Centre is not legally responsible for any damage that may occur during use of the facilities. Insurance coverage is at all times the responsibility of each individual member.