• Access to the Exercise Centre is for members only.

  • Children are not allowed in the Exercise Centre.

  • Access card must be presented upon request.

  • The gym must not be reserved for private purposes/events.

  • The gym can be reserved (max. 1 hour per activity) by the electronic booking calendar (see homepage - link at first page). However, the Exercise Centre’s scheduled group exercise classes have first priority – see the bookingcalendar for time schedule.

  • Do not play football in the gym.

  • Indoor shoes must be worn in the exercise rooms and in the gym.

  • Please remember to wipe down the machines after use – spray bottles and paper are available in the exercise rooms.

  • Please turn off the lights and the radio and close the windows when you leave the room.

  • Please clean up after yourself.


Violation of the regulations can result in exclusion from the Exercise Centre, see the Exercise Centre’s rules:

Section 5: A member who violates the rules of the Exercise Centre, or who causes damage to the Exercise Centre’s reputation through their behaviour or membership, can be excluded by the board. However, the person in question is entitled to demand in writing that the exclusion be treated at the next ordinary general meeting. In order to exclude a member, a majority of the board must vote in favour of the exclusion. The exclusion can be confirmed/rejected by a majority of the participants at a subsequent general meeting.