§4 Members

This only applies to spouses, cohabiting partners and other members whose subscription fees cannot be withdrawn from their salaries (section 4 (3) members)

Renewal membership
The Fitness Centre will demand payment of subscription fee once a year for all section 4 (3) members, i.e. a single payment covering 12 months of DKK 1200.00

Payment: 31 January is the last date for fee payment.

Please pay the subscription fee according to the information below:

The subscription fee for 12 months: DKK 1200.00
Account: 3283-3617073986
Please write: Your full name, date and year of birth (also through NetBank)

New members
Members who join the Fitness Centre during a calendar year have to pay DKK 100 per month for the remaining months of the year.

From 1 January the following year (and all following years), they will be demanded to pay DKK 1200 covering 12 months. The registration form should be sent to the Fitness Centre by the 20th of the month to allow membership from the 1st of the following month
The payment procedure is the same as for existing members.

If you want to cancel your membership, please fill in the resignation of membership form 
Please note: Upon resignation of membership, members without salary from Aarhus University will not receive a refund of membership fee already paid.