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  • for employees at Aarhus University

The Fitness Centre will be closed until May 6.

Due to the COVID-19 situation:

The fitness Centre is closed until May 6. (or until further notice)
Please sign up with the newsletter www.motion.au.dk for updates of the situation

Membership fee:
As The Fitness Centre throughout the entire lockdown has had ordinary operation costs, incl. many membership cancellations, and since re-opening of the centre means increased costs for cleaning, alcohol-based disinfectants, etc., the Committee has decided not to refund membership fees for the period of closure.    



Renewal of fee 2021

Renewal of fee for 2021 (for members whose membership fee is NOT drawn from their AU salary):
Price for 12 months: 900.00 DKK
Account no: 3283-3617073986
IBAN account no.: DK1830003617073986
Text: Full name and mobile no.
Deadline is January 20, 2021

We are looking for 2 new fitness instructors

  We are looking for 2 new fitness instructors

• The work is voluntary.
• You are therefore not paid for conducting fitness sessions.
• We expect you will be part of the fitness-instructor committee for at least 2 years.
• You can run sessions with our members whenever you are available, since the work is voluntary.
• If you already have any certificates in fitness training, then it is considered as a plus. Otherwise we will train you. The advantages for our voluntary fitness instructors are:

1. Your membership of the gym will be for free.
2. You will get an AU-fitness t-shirt.
3. We offer DGI courses in order to refresh your fitness knowledge.
4. You can do as many sessions as you can or are available to. It is up to you.
5. The sessions are run both Danish and/or English.

Is this something for you? Please contact us via email: amin88phd@gmail.com and weinholdchristian@gmail.com We will consider the applicants on an ongoing basis. motion.au.dk/bliv-medlem/instruktionstime/  

The Fitness Centre at Aarhus University welcomes employees at Aarhus University and members of Nestor

The Fitness Centre offers a wide range of modern cardio machines, machine weights, free weights and fitness training, a sauna, showers and changing facilities.

Before you start your training, we strongly advise you to receive guidance and an introduction from an instructor or a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist can also make a personal health profile for you. All instructors have attended lessons in training principles with a view to providing excellent and qualified instruction. You can find the instructors under: How to become a member.

Please note: Access is for members of the Fitness Centre ONLY.
If you allow non-members access your card will be closed and you will be excluded from the Fitness Centre.


Home exercise video from Gitte Thomasen

Until we return from the Summer holidays, Gitte Thomasen offers a home training video for our members:

Find the link via Facebook "AU MOTION HJEMMETRÆNING FORÅR 2020"


Fitness classes: see "Activities"

General Assemply meeting

General Assemply meeting Tuesday, 24 March 2020 at 4:00 PM.:
The meeting is postponed until further notice due to the Covid-19 situation


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